So I live about four hours from anywhere that sells schecter. I have played a friends before (don't know model, strat style) and liked it. I was checking out schecters online and really like the looks of the tempest. and the fact that it has coil taps. Id prolly go for the custom bc it has better pickups.

my other option is a fender strat, which I can get in town, so i can play it first.

but does anyone have one of these schecters? any thoughts comments? because I can't go four hours to try one. Id be buying online.

fyi...I play rhcp, queens of the stone age, muse, hendrix, blues rock stuff. heavy, but no metal.
valveking 212 if that matters. wah pedal and big muff only.
thats what i was leaning toward especially since ill get my hands on it before i buy.
I was thinking of going MIM standard strat and replacing pickups...duncan ssl 1 california 50s prolly.
any thoughts on this vs a straight up american standard. I could not afford the pickups if i got the MIA tho.
will be gigging w backup btw
well.... Its a tough call. I've got an MIA standard, and it is unbelievable. It plays much, MUCH better than any MIM I've ever played. The pickups are actually very good. I used the stock pickups for about 4 years before replacing them, not because they were bad, but because I wanted something different. They are in a squier right now, and they still sound great.

I'd go for the MIA, but price may be an issue for you. I think the MIA's are over a grand now, depending on where you are, while the mexis are 500 ish.

Just thinking about it though, the MIA pickups may struggle to deal with the higher gain stuff. It will sound fantastic for blues and blues rock.
maybe a used MIA w pickup swap...budget is about 1000.
any thoughts on some pickups good for higher gain, but still be able to do clean hendrix john frusciante tones as well? i really like the california 50 ssl 1's, but ive actually only heard them clean and they nail the clean tone. I think frusciante actually might use these, ive read anyways.
Schucter Tonepest or a MIA strat?

Are you mental?

Strat dude.

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Quote by Tom 1.0
Schucter Tonepest or a MIA strat?

Are you mental?

Strat dude.


I was more just trying to get opinions on this guitar since i cannot play.

Now I just gotta figure out if i can afford the MIA vs MIM, and start checking out pickups