First of all, great voice. Reminds me a lot of The Tallest Man Alive. The vocal harmonies at 2:06 surprised me, in a really good way. Awesome sound. It's a solid recording, but I'm curious as to whether you recorded using an electric-acoustic or by micing your acoustic guitar? Either way, Sails was really enjoyable, especially the ending. The only criticism that I can give is that the progression(s) you used were a bit predictable, but timing and accuracy wise they were very effective. I would like to hear more of your singing!

when you get a chance hit me back at:

Thanks both of you, haha yes when i have the time to rerecord it(cause i want to add another verse) ill cut out the begining, and im recording using a rockband mic and audacity lol so i cant even sing loud or it will start cracking which sucks cause that eliminates cleaner, more solid sounding higher notes, and yes let me check out your tunes