Hey guys,
I'm looking to get a new guitar soon and I already have two solid bodies, a Stratocaster and a Schecter Hellraiser. However, my guitar teacher and parents would like me to purchase a semi-hollow body guitar for playing Jazz in the school jazz band, other jazz performances. However, I'm also seeking a new guitar for my band which plays psychedelic sludge metal. My stratocaster doesn't get big enough tones for sludge and it's a pain in the ass to drop tune. I cannot drop tune the Hellraiser because of it's floyd rose bridge. I would have liked to get a Les Paul copy from Agile or something big with a tune-o-matic bridge and solid body, but I'm gonna hit if I buy another solid body guitar lol. Any ideas on what would be a good guitar for me for under 700 dollars. I've been looking at the Agile AS-1000 but i don't know. Also I realize the feedback more and the sound is a lot warmer and resonant than solid bodies. We don't play with a great amount of gain and our songs are relatively slow so that shouldn't be a problem. My amp is a Mesa Mark III no-stripe combo.