The shaft on the mode knob on my dd-7 broke. Boss said they can sell me a new pot for 10$ and it'll take 4-6 weeks to get here. That is too expensive and too long of wait.

I need a 50k pot that can fit this knob. Which is a D-cut
Here is a bad picture

If we can't find a D-cut we'll probably be able to cut it but more importantly I need the right size, and do not know what that is.
Isn't the mode switch a rotary switch and not a pot?
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its a b50k. I just ordered it thru boss. It doesn't cost much different because the only D-cut shafts were overseas anyways. 4-6 weeks... tomorrow I'm just going to superglue the shaft together then when the piece gets here i'll put the whole new pot in. sigh.