my main axe is a Epi LP Special, and im playing it through either a Line 6 Spider IV 30 watt, or my main amplifier; my Randall RG75 G3+.. which of these should i upgrade first? i play some killswitch engage, Metallica, Megadeth, G n R, and Avenged Sevenfold.

so.. that begs the question.. Amp or Guitar.. Help?
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How much do you have to spend nd the amp always affects the tone more than the guitar...so amp
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absolutely guitar. so many ways guitar. Your amp is perfectly fine for any practicing and learning you'll be doing at home, and loud too. A quick look at a few gear reviews on it really nail it as a decent amp.

Your guitar however.... is an entry level imitation of an entry level les paul. If there was a les paul ladder, yours would be under one of the legs to stop it from wobbling. Okay, it's not THAT bad... but it's what you want to look at upgrading.

I have a few personal suggestions for a next step. Look at the $400-$600 range (if you're looking new). And unless you want to deal with a LOT of wasted setup time, avoid a floyd rose. Ibanez is a fantastic brand in this price range with a lot of options.
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I'd say replace the LP special edition, but your sig says you have an Ibanez RG320 which is a pretty good guitar.
While amps do affect tone more than guitar, you already have 2 amps so maybe you should upgrade the guitar. Also do you need to upgrade your amp for one louder because you need that for gigs or do you just want a new amp? If you don't need something louder I say upgrade the guitar.
90% of the time it will always be new amp.

You really only get a new guitar if it's drastically different, there's something wrong with your current one, or you're looking for something that plays differently/better for what you need.

Your amp will be the thing that changes your tone. If you're looking to play different bands and such, you get a new amp. New sound? New amp. Etc..

Your guitar should be fine for now. I'd upgrade that amp.
Well could you tell us why you want to "upgrade"?

EDIT: I think you should "upgrade" your guitar.
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as much as the standard answer is to say amp, your amp is good enough.

as much as the randall's aren't the greatest, they are certainly good enough for what you want to do. you should get a new guitar that plays better and sounds way better