Ive been playing for quite a while, and i can play fairly good. When I play a song like out of the ashes by symphony x, people are always saying things like "Dude wtf is all that random shredding?!" I kind of have retarded friends though because when I play the same song acoustically they think it sounds like chinese music. I guess that they havent heard of classical. So ive got a show coming up and i want to show people that i can play stuff they know that they think is hard. So what are some songs that people consider to have hard solos, but arent necessarily that hard (I prefer if they were hard though)? It should be moderately well known btw. And it shouldnt be so easy that a turtle can play it (stairway )
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Straight Outta Compton
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Metallica usually.
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tornado of souls by megadeth. or maybe hangar 18 (way more known)

Edit: or even symphony of destruction (even though that solo is simple!)
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all Kerry King solos
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I think this should be in the pit.

And how do you not know what music your friends listen to?
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I think this should be in the pit.

And how do you not know what music your friends listen to?

What makes you think I dont know what they listen to? :P I was trying to say that they dont listen to much out of their range (pop, rap, 80s rock/metal)