Heres the basics:
Started as Applause Classical Guitar, braces were falling off. looked exactly like this guys project. same condition and problems:

Metal Fretboard
Neck made of what appears to be some kind of composite hardened foam or something
Bridge was ripping off
Plastic back has several cracks

Ultimately, this all happened about 7 years ago when i was a senior in high school, i got the guitar for free and decided on a topic for my senior project. to see if a high school student could make a decent sounding guitar. i was desperate for a topic that would let me build a guitar...

i contacted a local luthier who helped me through this whole process. he does fantastic work, i wont name him because i dont know that he would want to be associated with this hideous concoction =p

basically to make this post shorter, we did a sitka spruce soundboard, based on a martin steel string blueprint. the only things replaced from the original applause were the tuning machines, saddle, and soundboard. the bridge was salvaged. we added no binding or anything. this guitar is straight up function. we did throw some black dye on (he had never dyed wood before) and well, it wasnt black. it was purple. and splotchy. there is still gorilla clue residue around the edge where the soundboard is glued to the back, theres also gorilla glue filling the cracks in the plastic back. the fretboard was painted black, and after i started scraping the paint off, it kinda looked unique and i left it half scraped. i started reshaping the headstock before i realized is was foam underneath, so part of it is sharpied on.

the end result? heres a clip, ill let you decide.

Heres a video with pictures and a short sound sample. didnt have time to record much, just a few chords.


heres a partially finished soundboard, braces werent thinned out yet, couldnt find many pictures anymore though:

anyone else done stuff like this?
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sounds pretty good man, and from what i saw wasn't that aesthetically hideous :P

0 1mm,,,ghc f,

P.S. that last bit was my 5 month old daughter saying hello :p
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heres the pics bigger, maybe that will show you better about the aesthetics.. lol
for a while i had a needle cut in half and put under my high e string on the saddle to lift it up a little bit, that was ghetto.. haha

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could be worse mate i've seen worse looking guitars in my local guitar shop.
Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top
Jet City JCA5212RC (SLO Modded)
Ibanez WD7 Wah
Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive
TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay
TC Electronic Trinity Reverb
well, it looks like some of you are already familiar with mike doolin, hes the one that helped me out with this. dont relate this build to any of the amazing instruments he builds, because i am the reason it looks so.. interesting, but mike is the reason that it sounds the way it does =D it was great working with him. i can imagine working with me when i was in high school.. haha
anyways, props to mike for his great help, and his donation of time and materials for me.
Sounds great! I didn't know they ever made such a wacky neck! I want to build a guitar from sheet metal some day. Like James Trussart, those things are so badass. BTW I once got a "crappy old guitar" for free that had been sitting in someone's closet... it turned out to be a 1937 Recording king carson j. robison, pretty much a gibson L-00... probably worth a couple grand. And it plays amazing!
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thats luck right there! this thing is worth... well... whatever. lol
it was in the trunk of a car that was under a tarp at my friends house. it had been there for a longgg time.
did you keep the one you got?