What are people's opinions on these two guitars. I'm deciding against the see thru black Damien or the white Tempest? Any opinions? Playing mostly rock.
im a big fan of the Damien series. which are you looking at? the Elite? if so, i would definitely say go for it. does the tempest have the Duncans or Duncan Designed? Also, what do you classify as "rock"? just trying to get a better idea of which guitars they are and what you are using it for
hmm...if you go for the Elite the EMGs might be a bit much for GNR and U2 type stuff. i would prolly say the Tempest. Also, if it is the model with Duncan Designed pickups, i would try to pick one up used and maybe swap out pickups. the major drawback to most Schecters is the resale value is kinda crap, which sucks for selling but is great if you are looking to pick one up
The tempest, I wanted one a few years ago when they went down to $399 for the customs.
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save up for a tempest custom

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