Howdy people. I am a longtime Ultimate-Guitar reader but new to the posting community. I figure this site can offer some awesome advice and news and such so I wanted to get some feedback into a project that I am embarking on. So I have my Squier Stratocaster, which was my first guitar ever. It's pretty special to me. Now when I was like 19 I got fairly inebriated and decided my guitar needed flames so I slapped some testors model paint on and it was pretty lousy. So when I went to strip that off the Poly finish I discovered it actually managed to stain the Poly, so I am refinishing this guitar, I am in the middle of stripping it down to bare wood. I am using a heat gun to get enough scraped off then I am using sandpaper to finish it up. I don't feel comfortable heat gunning the whole thing. So for refinishing I am going to use house of Kolor marbelizer to get a desired wood grain effect. I used this in custom painting a ton years ago but instead of painting it natural wood colors I think it looks better to use wild colors, it makes pretty much any pattern you want so I am going to go for an acid trip swirl. Since I want to keep this guitar green I am going to aim for a Dragon Burst pair of colors, a vibrant yellow underneath a pretty vivid/emerald style green. I recently traded a Takamine acoustic/electric for a Jackson Dinky which had the reverse headstock neck that I wanted and it absolutely fits, so I am SO happy about that.

So now I have come to a few points that I am asking advice for. First of all I really would love to convert the floating tremelo to a Floyd Rose.. is that even possible?

I was looking at Bare Knuckle Pickups, they have a killer HSS combo, I want something versatile but less Metal than what I normally use, the Emerald/Mothers Milk HSS seems to be pretty awesome but does anyone else have a sweet recommendation? I was thinking about using the new James Hetfield bridge with an EMG Active Strat and Active Tele... but I don't know if that would really work or be worth it. In my mind I want the JH-b/Tele/Strat combo to make my guitar sound like all three things, haha.

Also I am actually going back and forth between doing my custom paint or doing an actual Dragon Burst/Green Burst finish with stains and what not... I guess my question is how do I get the grain to be so vivid and vibrant to achieve a good looking burst? Is it even possible to do with a Squier Stratocaster?

Here are pictures of it from original, to post-crisis to disassembled.

Most of those stains are on quilted or flamed maple tops, using just a solid body without the top wouldn't yield the same result.

Honestly, I would just get a new strat body from Warmoth or somewhere that has a quilted maple top and then do the stain yourself and build a Frankenstien from other parts.
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Only way is to strip it down to the bare wood and see what the grain looks like. Odds are, with a cheap guitar, it won't be too impressive.

If you still wanted a greenburst, might I suggest you style it after a silverburst? Use green metallic paint instead of transparent green?
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