So, the true problem at the moment is that the underside of the fretboard nearest to the nut is about 0.75-1 mm thinner than the rest of the fretboard. Even after clamping the fretboard down tightly, the fretboard didn't make full contact with the top of the neck and the only thing bridging the gap was the dried glue. Suffice to say this wasn't enough to keep the fretboard in place as I tightened the truss rod and it peeled away.

Now, in case I need to remove the fretboard to even it out and I end up breaking it, can anyone point me in the direction of some big maple fretboard blanks? The Guitar is and ERG 7 with 30 frets at 26.5" scale, so ideal dimensions would be at least 22"x3"x5mm.

Now, the truss rod. My Schecter is pretty well set-up straight from the factory, so I've never even touched it's truss rod. when I tried tightening the rod in the custom neck, it seemed really hard. I nearly stripped one allen wrench before switching to another. Is it supposed to this difficult? It seems logical with the resistance of the neck wood, but I was wrenching away at that thing for a minute or two with little difference in neck curvature, and even before the fretboard popped off I was afraid the same would happen even to a well-glued neck. It just seems like too much strain near the nut. Is that at all common?
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