hey guys. im looking into building my own "signature" guitar when i get the cash. i was originally planning to go Warmoth, but the total for just the neck and body finished to how i wanted was about $1030 without hardware...little out of my price range lol. does anyone know where i can find a cheap, quality body? i was also curious about guitarfetish.com bodies. i actually like basswood for what my band plays so that wouldnt bother me. i was thinking this though if it is worth anything


so here is what i originally had planned (long list of specs ahead)

Neck- 24 fret maple neck
Inlays- Celtic Crosses (kind of a signature thing for me)
Stainless steel frets
no binding on neck or headstock
Body- Basswood V shaped (preferably Gibson style)
Flamed Maple Top
Transparent Purple finish, front and back
Creme Binding on front of body
TOM bridge and stop bar tailpiece
1 tone, 1 volume, 3 way pick up selector
All Gold hardware
Sperzel locking tuners
Seymour Duncan Blackouts (Gold Pickup Covers)
Graptech TUSQ nut

so this is my dream guitar. hopefully will have it built by the time i move to Cali next year.

tl;dr where could i find a nice, somewhat inexpensive body for what i want? and would the guitarfetish body be usable and have a decent tone? thanks in advance! (remember, i LIKE basswood :P)
You could always build your own body

EDIT: I should probably be a little more constructive in that. If you want a "signature" guitar, i.e. one that say who you are then you aren't going to get it buying what amounts to a factory body, than a factory guitar. Building your own may take more time and effort but it will be much more "you" than anything you can get from Frankensteining pieces together
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