I have about 500 to spend on a guitar. What do you guys recommend. I am currently planning on getting a music man sterlin jp60. The other option is Rg321mh + better pups. I have also seen a few washburn guitars that look sick! I live in canada so choices might be limited. I need help asap
Personally, I'd have a sound off between the Jp60 and the rg. Even tho u wanna change pups, just to get the general feel of each. Wizard (II i think) necks are bloody quick, but never having the pleasure of playing an ernie ball guitar i cant say anything about that.
In the end (unless the jp60 blew me away) i'd prolly grab the ibby and jack up the pups.

I dislike washburn. So yeah...
living in canada doesn't limit your options. not at all.

I like the sterling, but I'm not totally sold on them. the Ibanez is good, but its nothing too special. neither one is a poor guitar, not by any means, I just didn't find either particularly good.

just swing by a local store and have them recommend you some stuff. play as much as you can and see what works for you
Thanks for replying guys... I live in a small town and there is only one store here that doesnt have either of these...any other recommendations? the Jp's are getting quite a reputation..but I wanted to see what people on a neutral site like UG say