Looking to buy a TC Electronics RH450 Head and probably a 4x10 or 4x12 cab.

I've been eyeing them for awhile, last time I checked they were $1000 flat but now it looks like I can get one for around $700.


Thing is, im really impressed by the videos and reviews for this amp, however, since there is no possible way I'm ever going to get to try it out before I buy it, I would really like some feedback from people who have used it, or just some opinions on the product if you have any.

I already know its a digital modeler, this is something I can get past becuase I really am fairly impressed by the tone. I play alot of metal and I am part of an instrumental band, right now im only pushing my 100 wat fender rumble around and it just gets drowned out by the drums and both of the guitar player's half stacks.

The amp is fairly small but its advertised to be a trustworthy peice of equipment to gig with, so my question is this:

Is this amp a good idea for my budget? (which is around a thousand dollars, remember I need the extra cash to buy the cab, which I have not yet decided on) and do you think that it could handle the volumes I need in a clear and noticeable fashion? I know at local gigs I'll be mic'd on the P.A. but the tone before the mic is whats important to me.

I can't afford an Ampeg or a GK or a MarkBass, so don't suggest them please. I'm well aware of how nice they sound, but im on a budget and I only have a couple months.
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Heard nothing but good things about the TC stuff. And you can so afford Ampeg, GK and MarkBass. MarkBass and good Ampeg stuff moreso on the used market. GK MBs on the new market, higher wattage RBs used.
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You can find a good Ampeg on the used market Id check Ebay, Craigslist, and Musicgoround.