I setup most of it myself, and I hit a roadblock when it came to setting up the switch. So, after 3 hours of frustration. I took it to my tech to have him fix it up and get it working. Well. it should be working...right? It was working up until tonight. This was only 2 days ago I had my tech look at it. Just a few hours ago I plugged it in. In the middle of playing I heard a pop, and I started getting unbelievable feedback. I figured it was the input jack. So I opened it up, and plugged the wires back into the input jack. Screwed it in. Plugged my guitar in. HEY! Input works but the Volume/Tone/Switch no longer work. I set up the jack exactly the same as the diagram and as it was before. Nothing seemed to be any different in the bus, and all the wires were properly connected.

Anyone know what's wrong?

Things I've tried:

*Checked all wires
*Make sure each arrow was facing up
*Tried new battery
*Double checked the input connections were right

Again, nothing seemed to be changed at ALL.

Here's an image. If it's not good enough I'll take a better one.

Thanks in advanced.

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Image Link: http://imageshack.us/f/219/ughq.jpg/
You need a new amp.

What? too soon?

I really don't know but i imagine there is a short with one of ur pu's if it bypasses the circuit.
your tech should be able to fix it for free if it broke when he fixed it.
It's NEVER Lupus
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Quote by ethan_hanus
What exactly is the set up your going? Like, how many pots, type of switch, ect.. Cause it sounds like your just bypassing everything, which would mean you hooked something up wrong.

4 Pots. 2 tone/2vol. 3 Way switch. The only thing I messed with was the input jack. After I hooked the wire back up to it, nothing else worked. I double checked and everything was connected. I don't see what could of been connected wrong if it was working before hand. The switch wires are all connected firmly into the Bus. I don't know what any of them are, because the tech set them up. Ugh. Frustration.