Anonymous; 2pretti4prison: the piggy (Ciacco):
watches swedish brothers stab a trapt
father with a screwdriver in his chest, his face
bludgeoned with a hammer covered in a blue
plastic baggy. Captured on a Nokia with a 4-megapixel
videocamera and posted to the blonde one's blog.

She; 2pretti4prison: the Devil:
watched Anonymous Ciacco spread
like a *****, his inner thigh with
tiger stripes and his face cut off.
Piggy Ciacco waxes a mason jar; (once Blackberries
or Spicy Pickle Spears or Johnny Walker Red) into his rectum.
His flaccid Piggly Wiggly is silent and 2pretti4prison won't
look away when the mason jar fragments
or when the glass drips with his blood onto the floor
as he stands up in front of his wife's videocamera
to turn it off.

Soon 2pretti4prison will have the heads of her betrayers;
dangling like corpses from her mouth. and She grows
indifferent to violence and hyper-sexualization,
vowing to eat her own flesh rather
than boringly gnaw on nothing at all.
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