I currently play my baritone guitar through a Fender 350W 2x10(bass amp) with a BBE sonic maximizer. My question is; I am wanting some extra high end in my sound, what would be a good guitar amp to play through at the same time to add some extra bite and treble to my sound, thanks.
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Gonna go out on a limb and suggest a bassman. Never played a baritone though, so it might be out of the ball park.
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Mesa Boogie - try the 5:50 Express. Friend bought one recently as half his material relies on a baritone (the rest in standard through a Gibson LP) and it sounds incredible.
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If you want to go through the trouble, getting a 4x12 cab and crossing two 10" bass speakers and two 12" guitar speakers is somewhat popular for ridiculously low tunings.
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Thanks for all the input I'm going to guitar center after work today I'll try these out.