A couple weeks ago I was window shopping after my guitar lesson and saw a black and gold Ibanez AF75TDG hanging on the wall. Like an idiot, I picked it up and played a few chords. Well, after my erection subsided and I no longer needed it to hide behind, I put the guitar back...and found myself dreaming about it ever since.

So I finally caved and told the wife I'd actually do some of those chores she keeps nagging about if I could get it. She said yes, and now I can spend time fondling my latest guitar I can't afford.

Well, between chores anyhow.

Now, for the pictures! I still have the bit of foam protector under the bridge because I just haven't felt like trying to get it out and then reset the bridge in position. I'll have to eventually though...

And here it is in a pic with a few of it's new family. Close sibling on the left in the AM73T and a more distant relative in the Les Paul Standard on the right. And a distant cousin in the Dean Vendetta you can just see on the left.

There are a few more hanging around, but I didn't take pictures of them.
Artcores are great stuff, man. If I had more cash to throw around I would've gotten one of the more ES-175ish ones already. Very well built and producing of good sounds for the price.

Now it's time to get to mastering the wonders of hollowbody feedback, get on it.
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I had a little experience with feedback using the AM73T...but this one will be much better

I was playing it in the store tonight and flipped over to the dirty channel on the amp...WHEEEEEEE! Feedback fun. Turning down the volume knob on the guitar to about 4 fixed that though.
wow, reminds me of those black falcons without so much sparkle, which is cool and i love the vintagish knobs! Have fun with it and the am73 pickups look like theyre made of diamond because of the lighting. Hngd!
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the am73 pickups look like theyre made of diamond because of the lighting. Hngd!

It's not just the lighting. Those are some GuitarFetish Dream 180s with the pearloid tops. They really look cool in that guitar!
Cool guitar! How much did it set you back by?
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$530 with a hard shell case. Couldn't talk them down any, but I can't complain. It's the same price I'd have had to pay to the internet dealers before shipping.
take the neck pup out of the LP and send it to me.

I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
I owned an AGS73B quite awhile back, for some reason I REALLY digged the tone I was getting with it for stuff like Mastodon. I was an idiot..

I'm not a jazzy player or anything so it was really working against me. I do regret selling it now as I've come to terms with playing just about everything except country.. And I'm only left with metal guitars.

Hollowbodys are cool, I just hate how they look sometimes.
I understand sporting the chubbie That is a pretty sweet guitar! I *do* prefer the "sibling", tho. Sumpin' 'bout a double cut-away arch that does it for me....

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take the neck pup out of the LP and send it to me.

Sorry, bud, it's already in that Dean I've got a GFS Mean 90 in the neck of the LP now. If I hadn't gotten this guitar I'd probably have gotten another LP style guitar with a couple of the Mean 90s. Love that sound too!