I need a good list of songs of different styles with a max of 5 chords.
Ramones - Blitzkreig Bop
Greenday - Good Riddance
Kenny wayne sheppard - Blue to black
Nirvana - smells like teen spirit (ugh, this song is getting old)
Sublime - what i got
Puddle of mudd - she hates me

Just stuff like that. Different styles with easy progressions.
Tomorrow by silverchair is good
most johnny cash songs are simple
the ramones first 3 albums are all pretty fun and easy to play
CCR has a few good ones
Social distortion has some too
plush, creep, and interstate love song by stone temple pilots are good ones
gin blossoms have a few easy to play/fun to sing songs
possum kingdom by the toadies is awesome to play
the white stripes have some really cool licks and riffs
for acoustic stuff id go for jack johnson, he's got a lot of easy fun little bits
collective soul- december is a fun one. all their other songs are too btw

annnddd thats about all i can think of at this moment, im very tired. but i hope you find atleast one song in there that you like!

have fun!
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