Sorry if this question has been asked frequently but Ill ask anyways.

I've been playing electric guitar for awhile and noticed that whenever it comes to playing in classical style my skill goes down by 80%. Specifically in what would be my picking hand.

I don't want to be one of those players that can't do anything without a pick so I really wanna start putting in some practice time to my classical playing.

So my question is, where do you get started learning classical style? What techniques should I start off practicing first and what techniques are the more advanced ones? What are some songs that I could practice to get me going?

I already have posture down since I read a few articles but I cant find out how im supposed to practice or what I should be practicing as far as classical guitar is concerned. Id appreciate any help from more experienced players out there.
firstly buy a book called pumping nylon. then begin working on simple etudes by carcassi or sor. alot of their their etudes are specifically written to work on a technique such as right hand. left hand strength, slurs, etc. giulianis 120 right hand studies are really great for right hand. and they are i pumping nylon.

the most productive thing to do would be get a classical guitar teacher and study under them for a while.
Classical Guitarist
Learn how to make a good sound from the instrument and good right/left hand positioning. Learn how to play a good free stroke and a good rest stroke (later if you take the instrument seriously, you'll ideally want free stroke 90% of the time).

I can tell you right now that you don't have posture down though, getting posture to be totally efficient takes years of practice and guidance to do so. I'm not saying you're a failure and totally retarded but to say you have playing posture down will get you laughed at by people who know what to look for.

Learn how to alternate between fingers and keep your sound even.

Do what Zep_Shizzle said too.

If you're looking to get into classical guitar seriously, I would definitely get a teacher too.
Thanks for the advice guys! I wont argue with posture if you put it that way. Ill make sure to look into that book as well. I have a teacher at my school also so ill ask him for more advice. Thankyou for your guidance guys!