I am working on a P bass, and want a Pickup cover, however if I can I want to do this cheaply. I swear I saw something just like it at home depot, but it was squared not rounded, for wood planks and such. Does anyone know the name for what I am talking about or, know if it's even real or just my imagination. Better yet would it actually fit.
mounting ring?
that's my only guess
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Pickup covers are like $15 maybe.

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It was metal, and yea, they are $15 but if I can get it for $5 and not have to leave town or pay $7 shipping as well I'm fine with a home brew cover, not ring. I guess I'll just go take a look after class.
Sounds like you're talking about a bracket for framing wood. I can picture roughly what you're thinking of and I personally think it would be a terrible idea. It's not going to have the same look at all. It's crap metal and it's not chrome. I think if you want this build to look even slightly legitimate you need to get a real cover or do without one. Just my two cents.