Nice job guys. Well done for trying this song, it's a lot harder than you'd think! Critique time: I reckon it sounds a bit too ahead of the beat and rushed, when it's really a very relaxed groove. You got a nice voice which is very different from Lifehouse singer's which can work, cause it gives it a unique twist, but you need a bit more confidence, because without confidence you can't get across the loving emotion that is at the core of this song (they are also a bit pitchy here and there, but just keep practicing and that'll improve naturally). Hope this helps, working on the groove and timing as a band is the most important thing! Keep it up!

Also if you're interested check out my youtube page at:


I'm working on a series called "7 Days - Write/Record/Produce" at the moment where I'm writing, recording and producing a new song each week for 6 months
Thanks for the reply man We'll take that in mind for sure. I'll go check out your channel ASAP.
hey (:
great song to cover, and the cover is really nice,!!
you play really good but notice that sometimes you are going too fast.. (:
maybe its just me but i can hardly hear you, cause the music is louder than your voice..
but could be just me ?? try singing louder next time
and keep rocking its awesome :]

- if you get the chance could you check out my cover?
Nicely done :] As the others said, the timing is a little off, but it's not too shabby. And with time that will naturally get better. Vocals were good, some of the chorus parts were a little off pitch, but it was barely noticeable. Nice all around nice nice nice :]

Could you check mine out? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoaQYHSM96o

I felt since I've done a cover on this song I had to check yours out ;p