I'm looking around for a noise suppressor pedal and as normal I'm looking for the cheapest options available, however I fear that a low end pedal would just suck tone? I have been considering a Boss NS-2, although that has a loop option and I don't think I need that. Using all the pedals below I should probably just put the noise suppressor at the end, especially as I am wanting to remove some electrical hum.

So is there a decent noise suppressor pedal out there which won't suck tone, yet won't make me pay for features I probably won't use such as a loop (unless you guys/gals think I should stick all my pedals in the loop)?

As you can tell I'm pretty clueless on this, hope it makes sense.

Thanks for putting up with me!
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ISP decimator

a little mor expensive but there is no better
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You won't get a noise suppressor on the cheap, but you can get a gate, which are good, if a little basic. I used to use one of these before I got my NS-2. ISP Decimator's are great but they're incredibly expensive.