Hi guys. Ive just come off a hiatus from guitar playing and have problem that I'm sure didnt exist before. Ive got a Vox Valvetronix 30W amp and the static coming from this thing is just crazy on the higher gain amps.
My single coil strat obviously makes the amp hum like crazy compared to my epiphone that has humbuckers but I cant remember it being this bad. To get the static down I have to turn the noise reduction all the way up which then cuts off notes. There seems to be one spot in my room where the static disappears (when Im perpendicular to the amp)
Anyone know how to alleviate this static??

Edit: The input for the amp has be screwed for a while now. In the past all Ive needed to do is wriggle the cable around till I get sound. Could this problem have gotten worse and is causing the static?
Yeah tried a couple of different cables, still pretty bad especially with the strat in the 1,3 and 5 position.