It's over 9 min long. I'm not watching that. I could be watching porn instead.


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i've already came to the conclusion from watching katy perry videos that russell brand is the luckiest man alive.
"watchin your vids online still brings tears to my eyes" RIP Depzman
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Gerard Pique is, going out with her:

He's Gerard Piqué. He's lucky by default.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
Well, *flips hair* the video is like *flips hair* 9 min long *flips hair*, so I just *flips hair* skipped to the end *flips hair*. So the kid *flips hair* won the car, because *flips hair* the other contestant overbid *flips hair* or was there something else *flips hair* going on too? *flips hair*
I wouldn't call that the luckiest man ever, maybe the guy that had a moderately lucky half hour.
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Void is a wanker that's why

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I watched the first second of that video. Then I went: "Hey, I think I'm gonna have grilled pork for dinner tonight."
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oh my god! guitarViking is a genius... respect !!!

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How? His car was smashed to shit by a ****ing bus and he probably got hospitalised

Did you completely miss the man running across the road and narrowly escaping being flattened?