So basically, I need some help and advice on what my options are/what I should do to fix this problem I have.

In short, I drilled the hole for the volume pot far to wide. To be exact, 10mm wide (.393 inch for you Americans ). I used digital calipers to measure the width of the volume pot and I either accidentally moved it or it gave me the wrong reading. Either way, I didn't stop for a second to think that the measurement given was far to wide, so I just went ahead with drilling the hole. I've attached some pics of the hole so you can see what I'm talking about. For added info, the hole is about 6-7mm deep.

So my question is, what can I do to fix this? Fill the hole somehow? I honestly don't know how I can properly fix the issue. Anyone have some suggestions?


(the third picture is the back view of the hole from inside the control cavity...sorry for the poor quality)
If you mix sawdust with glue you might be able to apply it to the sides and make it stick
you could always just use appropriately sized washers to mount the pot in the bigger hole. even though the washers would be pretty large, whatever knob you put on the pot will probably cover it up in the end anyway
just use it as the hold for the jack, and put a good sized washer on either side. Or use the round jack-plate to cover the hole. That's what i'd do. If you must use it for the pot, mount the stuff in something like this


it's not stock for a V, but it this is a custom build.

Last option, if you must, find a dowel the same size as the hole, coat it in wood glue, and bang the sucker in with a hammer. let dry for a few days, sand it level and re-drill the hole.
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Could you not refill it with a strong epoxy and redrill it? I'm sure the volume control will cover it up.