I bought this great bolt on LP copy on eBay with a maple fretboard. I love the neck, but the body is a thin light wood, either soft maple or ash or maybe even alder, an it's too bright for me. I want to buy a mahogany body to put my neck on.
I found some auctions selling unfinished mahogany bodies that are perfect, but they're designed for set necks (no neck has been installed yet, it's just an unfinished body). Can I just drill four holes and bolt my neck on, or is there more involved to make it stable and playable? I'm on a budget and can't afford to spend more than 100 bucks, or I'd just go to a custom shop and order one.
My other option (at the moment) is a magnum bolt on LP copy that I found for 75 bucks. Can't find much info on magnum and I found conflicting opinions. Does anyone know if they're real wood or plywood? I don't care about hardware or electronics, I'm putting my own stuff in.