Recorded this last night. Just threw a couple chords I was having fun with down into my loop station and jammed out over them for a little bit. I hope you guys like my style! All improv, just doing my thing.

The video is on my youtube channel here, called "Guitar improv solo"


Thanks and enjoy!

C4C as always
So much for c4c.. Linked to this in like 7 different c4c threads and not a single one replies?
Thanks for the review! I can honestly say I was a lot more impressed with your guitar playing on this recording/video. Nice playing!
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Sounds pretty cool and chilled out man. I like the tone and the muting you're doing. It sounds like you're missing the beat a little at times; I dont know if that's your looper or your lead thats out of time though. Nice improv. Are you trying to follow the chords?

I've also improvised most of this here, check it out:

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