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My brother has asked me to sell his Fender Telecaster Mexican Black (with Fender gig bag) which is in brilliant nick except for a few string marks to the tuners, this is the model:http://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/electric_guitars_detail.asp?stock=08120217184728


These seem to be around £383 NEW from most of the bigger online stores. He asked me to sell it on Ebay but using a Ebay Fee calculator it seems it is going to cost me £50 in fees if we put a reserve of £250 (which may be a bit hopful) and that is not even including paypals fees, plus we have the ball-ache of postage and packaging. Can anybody recommend another way to sell it, any good music instrument websites for used gear?

The other alternative is that I buy it from him, what would you guys think would be a reasonable figure for this second hand?

Cheers all in advance!
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How old is the guitar? I never have sold anything on ebay, so I can't help you with that, but I sure canprovide a gueass of how much you can pay for it.
the fee calculator is wrong, ebay fees are about 5% as are paypal so your looking at at around £25 all in for listing, selling, paypal.

Post on the classifieds here or your local gumtree if you want to avoid ebay.

For a mim fender be ready to knock around 50% off retail if you want a quick sale, may be possible to get up to about 75% if you're not in a rush. Ebay will probably get you best price quickly and they have a lot of free listing weekends at the moment, but need to remember you loose that 10%
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Pardon my ignorance, but do you have anything like Craigslist here in the US? I wouldn't do Ebay unless I had to for all the reasons you mentioned above. But I've bought and sold instruments on Craigslist and it was free and easy.
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Pardon my ignorance, but do you have anything like Craigslist here in the US? I wouldn't do Ebay unless I had to for all the reasons you mentioned above. But I've bought and sold instruments on Craigslist and it was free and easy.

Yeah, it's called Craigslist.
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Like I said, pardon my ignorance. I figured if they had CL then TS would have thought of that.
Kijiji/craigslist or any other personal classifieds in the local papers/flyers are the very best way to go.
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HI DarkValo666 thanks for replying, my brother says the guitar is 18 months old, it is in great condition though and has not been played much, hope this helps you give me an approx value.

Thanks everyone else for the replies, I will mention gumtree and craigslist to him. Sidysm the Ebay fees seem significantly more than you have said when I put the figures into a couple of Fee Calculators, this is going on the item selling for approx £300 with a reserve of £250 (this alone costs £7.50). All in all the final fees total £40-50 which significantly eats into his profit, but thanks for your help.

Anyway, can anyone suggest how much this should be listed on Craigslist/Gumtree for please? And how much you I should be looking to pay for it if I were to buy it from my bro? We just need some guideline figures really as we have never sold guitars before.

Thanks in advance
Don't waste your time with a reserve they're a con, either start it at a pound and take your chance or list starting at at the bottom price you would be prepared to sell for. This weekend it's free listing so all you would pay is the standard I think about 4.8% selling fee and any extra addons for additional pics etc. I'd recommend first time round listing it starting about £200 and embed the pictures so you only add your single pic free for gallery and it'll cost you nothing, then see what you get. Looking at completed listings average is about 200-230 at the moment.

Gumtree or Adtrader are the best free sales sites in uk, gumtree is significantly better imo, there's also a good classified forum at musicradar for uk sellers. The problem you have is that at the moment there is not a lot of cash around but a shitload of standard mim guitars, I've seen american standards going about £350 these days. If it were a baja or a roadworn you'd get a slightly better return but even they are very cheap, I'm about to pick up an original year classic player 50s strat around the 300 mark with genuine custom shop pickups for example.

If you sell on here or musicradar expect less as ebay as people here are generally knowledgeable of what stuff is selling for on ebay, you may have better luck on ebay/gumtree/adtrader getting best price. Also if you want best price be prepared to ship it, parcel2go or interparcel are fairly cheap. If your brother is wanting more gear you may get better results offering a trade here or at musicradar.

It's just my opinion but the fact it's an mim standard and black make it one of the least desirable tele's and most readily available so I'd be very surprised if you exceeded £250 but decide if you want a quick sale or a best price and act accordingly.

my bad just looked and ebay have upped there final value fee to 10% up to maximum £40 yet another reason not to use them I guess.
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