So, who know which tab is the correct one?

Here are the tabs:
And here are the guitar pro tabs:
Argh, so many versions

I've already learned the guitar pro version 1 tab, but there are 4 guitars in the tab which doesn't make sense.
in all of the places of the guitarpro tab where the four guitars play together two of them are just strengthening the sound by playing the same thing as the other two does, so there is actually only two guitar parts in it. the guitarpro tab is probably correct.
The differences between the two tabs are pretty minors... Well I've also learnt the GP tab version if I remember well, but the regular tab doesn't look wrong either. And the 2 extra guitars in the GP tabs are guitars that are added in studio, so it totally makes sense. A7X uses 4 guitars in most of their songs.
I put this together AGES ago when I found that same thing. I'm sure all the chords and notes are right, but there may be one or two technical errors such as palm-muting or fuller power chords of something that should be there but isn't, but it should all be there.
Great song
Avenged Sevnfold - Unholy Confessions.gp5