So i didnt really know where top post this.
I wanna start sightreading guitar. Is there any good music notation books to start with? Im mostly into classical, flamenco and jazz. A very important thing, is that it must not have the tab under the sheet music (the point is kinda gone). Any sugestions?
If your interested in "sight reading" then I suggest getting Berklee Press: Reading Studies for Guitar by William Leavitt and also Berklee Press: Melodic Rhythms for Guitar by William Leavitt. Get all of the Jazz Realbooks too and just read through them, that's great practice.
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The best books for sight reading on guitar is the Berklee Modern Method for Guitar Volume 1 - 3. It's not really classical, but it takes you from really easy sight reading tasks to really advanced sight reading. You can find classical music for guitar all over the internet. If you absolutely must have a book, search on amazon for classical music for guitar.