Have you ever had it where a lower end guitar with lacking electronics and other low end stuff helps the tone you are trying to achieve? I know I play a lot of low-fi metal so having some mediocre equipment helps achieve that wonderful low-fi horrid sound. For some odd reason achieving a sound like it was in a garage is oddly easier with an entry level guitar then not.

Anyone else got a better tone from "worse" equipment?
Yes. my AXL Jacknife sounds like shit but I love it dearly.
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My old 250 dollar VGS Screech.
My Ibanez S670 should by all standards be the better guitar. However, for droptuned metal, the VGS blows it out of the water in every way.

It has el cheapo pickups and a single-locking crappy Floyd Rose copy, by the way.
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Cheap equipment can be nice though when I play cheap guitars I generally lean towards the awful quality imports from Asia made in the 60s and 70s. There's just something about them.

Also, Speaking of cheap equipment, Ask the Flat Duo Jets... Dexter plays a Danelectro (Sears branded) 1448 here and some unknown, Probably ridiculously cheap acoustic here. Retail of a Silvertone 1448 in 1962? $69 with a case that had an amp in it.

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Yes. And a lot of people do choose cheap beaters over more expensive instruments for the tone. Jack White is one example (I know he has a Gretsch White Falcon Double Cutaway, bit he also uses a bunch of old Silverlines).
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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I use a cheap guitar live mostly, but its not for the tone, the tone sucked so I hot rodded it and now I have a great sounding el cheapo G-400 that if it gets broken/damaged, I can replace a Epiphone easier than a PRS. And trust me those guitars that jack white uses are far from stock machines.
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honestly i have all the tone i ever need. the only reason i would buy another guitar is to play different styles. the ltd m-50 i bought ($210) and emg 81 and 85 set i threw in there ($190) was a pretty good $400 investment. it gets me from classic rock to blues, and to metal. the flextone($300). compared to most people, i have a cheap rig at $700 , throw in $30 for my ZW OD and $140 for the wah
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Once I went to the guitar shop and tried some emg8185 setin floyd pro turbo shred guitar, I wanted to buy a new axe obviously, and that1 ESP was in my range (1200$)

Sounded like uber piece of shit, I have to admit I've played some chinese stratocaster cheapass copies,- sounded better...

Edit: Ow I almost forgot. When I bought Engl powerball, it was my first tube amp. I had no idea how to set it up. And my first thought was like... "FFS why did I have to spend so much on this crap while my old peavey bandit sounded 10x better".

God I was so wrong back there
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And again, I advertise my Squier Bullet strat. Woo!
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I forget where but I recently read something about a famous band that recorded with an Epi Wilshire because it had a tinny sound that they liked. It makes sense really if everyone's using Gibsons and Prs and Fenders and you want something different.
I know what you're talking about. Remember the VW guitars that Slash played in the Jetta commercials? I have one. It's my slide guitar.