The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trailer (David Fincher's new version)

Where's the trailer?

EDIT: Nevermind, it just wasn't loading.
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Daniel Craig as Blomkvist and that woman as Lisbeth....? Why does everyone always **** up the casting here? Craig may be good, but that's not at all how Lisbeth should look
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The book that it is based on had an absolutely ridiculous premise, I doubt this film can make such a story any better.
I enjoyed the book, the film not so much, i really hope this surpasses both, it looks great. Trailer song is great.
I absolutely loved the book, and I thought the Swedish movie was great. This is interesting, I guess. The Swedish movie looked more like what I imagined it would than this. Salander looks... wrong, I don't know how else to explain it. Still looking forward to it though
Most pointless remake ever. Plus it has Daniel Craig, plus a terrible remix of Zeppelin. Bad times.
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We so excited!!!

Seriously though, I've been waiting for this all year >_>

Edit: Just watched the trailer.... what the shit was that?
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Book was massively overrated and dull. "Place of Execution" by Val Mcdermid is a better version of a similar story, shit scary too.

Film will probably suck as hard as the Swedish one.

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I wonder if the remake will have the same amount of rape in it.

EDIT: finished viewing the trailer, if I didn't already know the story, the trailer would make it look boring...but it does look good, a bit watered down though. Will have to see it though.

I should go watch the other two movies.
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