The Blackstar is in my preferable price range (600-700ish), but the Egnater sounds really good. I'm looking for a good and tweakable clean channel with some chime and a roaring lead channel for crunchy and clear distortion. The Egnater distortion sounds great for my style of rock and it also got surprisingly heavy and mean when the tube mix, eq, tone switches were tweaked correctly. I'm wondering if the Blackstar can do all the tones that the Renegade can do (clean, blues, crunch, heavy rock)? I've never played it and I can't find one anywhere. I don't care if I buy new or used. I'm saving up for a couple months regardless.
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As much as I love Blackstar Amps, I'm gonna have to go with the Renegade. It's just such a great amp. To answer your other question, yeah the Blackstar can do blues, classic rock, etc etc. The two amps are pretty much identical versatility-wise and both have great tone...I just think that in your situation (where you've already established that you love the Renegade tones and you can't play an HT-40 before buying it) that you should just go for the Renegade. Used preferably.
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