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Just saw today on Facebook that H&K have announced a new low-power tube head, the "Tube Meister 18" at MusikMesse: http://www.hughes-and-kettner.com/tubemeister/

Here are the details they posted on FB:

"Rock on Stage - Play at Home - Record at Night
• CLEAN and LEAD channel, both with GAIN an MASTER controls
• Footswitchable LEAD BOOST with plenty of punch and sustain
• Classic passive 3-band EQ
• 2x 12AX7 preamp tubes, 2x EL84 power amp tubes
• Oversized transformers with outstanding headroom
• Maintenance-free, TSC-protected tube power amp
• Serial FX-loop
• 18/5/1/0-watts Power Soak with silent recording function
• Hughes & Kettner's award winning Red Box DI-OUT built in

TubeMeister will be launched at Musik Messe Frankfurt.
Don´t miss to check it out!"

I'm pretty jazzed about this. Been waiting for a H&K tube head to replace my Edition Tube 20th Anniv combo. And this has a serial FX loop PLUS Red Box DI.

If you hear any info about the amp or specifically US availability and price please post it in this thread!
Might be cool.

I like that it actually has a power soak and a DI out. Seems like crucial features for something advertised as a home/recording solution. Too many of these small amps don't have those features and end up still being loud as balls, certainly impossible to get cranked tone at any sort of reasonable volume... this looks somewhat more promising. Let's hope the sound quality is as good as the laundry list of features would suggest.

Also curious about the price.
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This amp ist AMAZING! I played it at the Frankfurt Musikmesse earlier this year, and it just blew me away. I'm definitely going to get one.

Concerning the price: they are quite cheap, only 499€ here in Germany.

EDIT: Here's a video which shows its sound (especially the DI sound) quite well. It's in German, but music needs no words, does it?

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"Announced" is a complex term apparently It's been on their website for quite some time now.
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"Announced" is a complex term apparently It's been on their website for quite some time now.

Yup. It's also been up for preorder for quite some time now:

The clips I've heard of it so far weren't all that exciting, but the features compared to other amps it's size/price make it look very very interesting.
i wonder why they went with a 10" speaker in the combo. i didn't see that one coming.
Trying to keep it as affordable and portable as possible maybe, since that seems to be what they're going for.
^ try the 6505+ haha. That things a beast!

This does look pretty interesting though
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^ try the 6505+ haha. That things a beast!

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