Our split with Lipstick Homicide can be downloaded for free over at www.johnwilkesboothrecords.com. We're really excited about this, and it's definitely both bands best material so far. Over at that website you can also pre-order the record if you are so inclined.

We're also hitting the road with our friends Rational Anthem for a couple weeks next month. If anyone cares I can fix these dates when we actually get the venues confirmed and everything.

13 – Allston MA @O’Briens w/ Rational Anthem, The New Warden
14 – Dover NH @Slaughterhouse 5 w/ Big Eyes, Rational Anthem
15 – Dover NH day off
16 – Worcester, MA @Firehouse w/ Rational Anthem
17 – Syracuse NY w/ Rational Anthem
18 – Buffalo NY w/ Rational Anthem
19 – Cleveland OH w/ Rational Anthem
20 – Cincinnati OH w/ The Dopamines, Rational Anthem
21 – Columbus OH w/ New Creases, Rational Anthem
22 – Lexington KY w/ Rational Anthem
23 – Nashville TN w/ The Devin Robinson Band, Rational Anthem
24 – Indianapolis IN @ The Dojo w/Full Rainbow, Rational Anthem
25 – Lansing MI w/ Rational Anthem
26 – Grand Rapids MI w/ Rational Anthem
27 – Chicago IL w/ Like Bats, Rational Anthem
Damn dude no Eastern PA dates, ever since I got Seasick I wanted to see you guys play! I donated, Keep doing your thing yo!
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
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Thanks a lot man! We really appreciate it. Last time we were in PA we had an absolute blast so I'm sure we'll make it there again soon enough.
Couldnt find the link though, and I didnt get sent one how paypal and the labels sometimes do...?

oh wow nevermind!!! stupid lol
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
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There are no UK dates on that tour, I think you've made a mistake.
Billy Raygun is ****ing awesome. I forgot you played with them.
Also Dopamines and New Creases. Sounds like so much fun. Shame you're not coming by Texas.
Woah, who's singing on The Plan? That ain't no Zac.

Also shreddage.

Also t-shirts. I can finally get one!

Also your side is way too short >_>
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That would be me making my singing/song-writing debut. Never had realized how truly awkward it is to record vocals.
Yo, I'm in Billy Raygun too. We will have LP's by next week and they will ship then as well. get on this, dawgs!
Where do you guys come from in New Hampshire? I'm gonna be in Concord/Manchester for a while before I move away again this august. It'd be cool to hang out with you dudes/ see cool punk shows/ drink cold beers and go swimming. I'm rarely on here anymore, get in touch with me at davidvanhale [at] gmail [dot] com. I seem to remember there's a bunch of NH punks on here. Get in touch with me and we'll raise much ass.