Hey guys, I have my guitar for some time now with a small amp, and lately I've started playing it with amplitube, allowing me to add distortion pedals and such.

The thing is, when I had some distortion to do some solos, I can't get rid of the background noise that the other strings do. Is there a way to take it off with the EQ from my sequencer (fl studio currently) or do I just have to mute the strings I'm not using with my hand? Or am I just using the wrong settings in amplitube?

better technique. you have to learn to play cleanly enough that other strings don't sound while you're playing
You could possibly have too much distortion, and muting strings will help. it just comes with practice and you will subconsciously become better at it.
My guess is that you're a beginner. See whenever you add gain to the amp it brings out most of the strings sensitivity making them easily ring out. What you have to work on now is muting. There are several ways to do it one of them is to use your index finger to mute when playing chords and mostly your picking hand to mute strings when playing notes close to the high e (in your case soloing).

Unfortunately there is some software that can sound like the tone used with distortion that you can solo in (not good for chords though as the tone isn't really distorted). I don't know what it is called but I DO NOT recommend you using it.

like this guy at 2:35

Notice how he never lifted the finger during that part. That is because the strings don't ring out and are not distorted. Again try working on muting.
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Thanks for the advice, I guess I'll have to really mute them, because even when I'm not playing it's a hell of a background string noise.