I'm working on a new product for guitars and am looking for some honest opinions. I am not looking to advertise on here and hope I don't come across that way.

I'm working on creating a new type of guitar skin that is clear and looks more like a custom paint job. I think guitar skins are a cool idea, but what I've seen so far looks cheap and cheesy. I am trying to create something that looks high quality (not like a sticker), and make it something musicians can really get into.

I would like to discuss what you think about the idea, the designs I've created so far, the website, and what I can do to improve any of it. It is all a work in progress and is all open for debate. Any and all suggestions and/or questions are appreciated.

- Here is the link to my site: Link removed by mod

Also, I think it would be cool to share any pics of custom painted guitars you like. Or, if you could put any art on your guitar, what would it be?

Thanks! Looking forward to what you have to say!

btw- i did see the Customizing Gallery thread on here and there was some amazing stuff!
pretty cool actually. I really dig some of the tele ones. but your gallery needs well done shots of the guitars instead of live on stage shots. cuz just by what I could see on your site it is very hard to tell how well these look in person.
no sir away a papaya war is on
Sorry, I'm really just trying to get some opinions/feedback. I will post some pics of the skins I'm working on in hopes to keep the conversation going!
Looks really cool.

Some suggestions:
LTD KH-602
LTD M-15
Schecter Hellraiser FR (for sale w/hsc, pm me.)
BC Rich Bronze WarCock
BC Rich Ironbird1
Tokai Voyager
Jackson JS30 Kelly
Vester: Metal flake gold/black crackle
Vester: rainbow crackle
Carvin V220
Thanks BreeBree! I've already designed a zebra stripe, I'll work on the other two too!
both of those look awesome!
id recommend going for some more abstract stuff.