Hey guys,

My knowledge of theory is next to nothing. All my solos consist of the same scale, the minor pentatonic scale.

I'm hoping to take up piano too which should help a lot, but I need/ want to learn more.

I'm in the UK, so what books should I be looking at?

I'd prefer something non-complicated haha. As easy to follow as possible!

Thank you,

Our teacher gave us "Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory" for my music theory class and it's pretty good. Simple to learn from and LOTS of material in it.

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You can use my online Beginners to Advanced Series here: http://lessons.mikedodge.com

Read the links in this order:

Chord Construction
Diatonic Theory

In that order one picks up where the other left off. Read them straight through once, then once with your guitar, and then one more time. You won't get it all on the first read but you'll get a lot of it, by rereading it you'll fill in the gaps each time.

The lessons are made to give you a good foundation and more in music theory on the fretboard as well as the terminology you'll run into over and over when learning.
Music Theory For Dummies and all the music related dummies books are pretty good. A little corny at times when they try to make a joke, but they're easy to follow and comprehend.
Check out specific guitar theory books as well. Over the years i have tried a few.

There is a book called 'Music Theory for Guitarists' by Tom Kolb which is good. Personally my favourites are the books by Don Latarski called 'Guitar Theory Illustrated' and 'Practical Theory for Guitar'.

The books are all fairly similar in content, but i took a bit out each one and have found them all really effective.