erm yeah... quite confused: a while ago i asked this man from USA (who's my dad's friend) to order some stuff for me from Musician's Friend and send it to me (im in armenia). I asked the following: dimarzio Fast track II and Chopper pickups, an elastic strap, 3 packs of GHS guitar strings and a little 250k potentiometer. oh and a cheap plastic danelectro fab flanger :P .. so i talked to him today and he said he's shipped those to me yesterday only said that it was about 4kgs... im thinking what's with the whole thing? how could all that be 4 kgs?
8lbs sounds about right actually. Pickups aren't too heavy. The little dano flanger is light as hell. Strings and a potentiometer are basically nothing. I could see it.

Sounds about right with a box and some padding.
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Unless its electronic drums.

+ containers for the flanger and pups....some come with a hard cardboard covering.
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Whats the point then? Are you afraid he threw in some extra goodies for you?
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4kgs... does sound just about right. Pickups can weigh in over 500g a piece. Then there's the pedal and other stuff. Don't forget about all their covers and boxes.

Add in all the packaging and padding, and you're close to 4kgs.

Just so you know when you lift 4kgs... it isn't exactly hard to lift. 4kgs can be relatively light
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