I really need some help getting my pitch harmonics to come out. I can do them, basically on command in the middle of a riff... but something with HOW I play them just isn't coming out as I want them too. They just don't seem as.... squealy. I'm thinking it's more than likely my settings, so here's what I have to work with...

Schecter hellraiser with EMG 81tw/89
Boss super overdrive SD-1, metalzone MT-2
vox VT-50 combo hybrid amp (has preamp tube)

assuming technique isn't the issue... what kind of settings will really make my squealies explode? mids? teble? And with the mids I have a frequency sweep on the MT-2 too.

As an example... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGa-FTCkVnU Smith & wesson by primal fear.
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Set your gain somewhere between 6-10. Make sure you're on the distorted channel, use the bridge pickup or the middle to make your squeals stand out. It always helps to add in wide vibrato or big bends right after you hit pinch harmonic to really make it squeal.

New strings help
Where your right hand is helps (Your right hand is playing a natural harmonic and needs to beperfectly on a node to get the best sound. Nodes will have to be learnt off by heart because they're created somewhere over the pickups and unmarked)
And I the pickup setting that's most trebbly is the best.
Lots of gain too
Please stop calling them squealies.

My best advice is to experiment picking at different points on the string to find where the harmonics ring best at certain frets. Use your pickups as a guide to remembering where they worked best.
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ah, wow thanks for the replies. I think I'm going to have to play around with where on the string I'm going for the harmonic. My schecter is brand spanking new so I suppose I'll have to mess around until I find the sweet spot.
Guitars: Hamer XT Korina Explorer, Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR
Bass: ESP LTD EC-154DX
Amp: Line 6 Spider Valve 112
With the pups and pedals you got, you can get pinch harmonics bright as hell, so it must be your technique. Like somebody else said, try hitting a different harmonic along the string. My fave is the one directly between both pups on a Gibson. Comes out more than the one above the bridge. Are you putting enough of your thumb in it? You really have to dig in on the side of the thumb after you pick to get that harmonic out well.
Also, remember that it's a different part of the string for each note you fret.

A good excercise is to start by finding that sweet spot when you're fretting the second fret and then move up to the third fret (the node should be a small amount of millimeters away towards the bridge) and do the same. Keep going up the string doing the same for each note. remember that there are different harmonics for each note in the same way that there are 3 main natural harmonics per string - same thing applies for a fretted note.

At the end of the day its all muscle memory and the more you practice, the sooner it becomes second nature and you don't really have to think about it that much.

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