I'll get straight to the point: my current signal chain is guitar>fulltone clyde wah>way huge pork loin>amp>(effects loop)noise gate>aquapuss delay>amp. I use my amp's (peavey XXX) distortion and it sounds great with my LTD EC-1000 for my metal band. I recently got a Fender Showmaster with a duncan pearly gates plus bridge and '59 neck, both with coil split, to use in my 2nd band, which is mostly lighter rock type stuff(think Foo Fighters/RHCP) and don't care for the sound on the dirty channel, too undefined sounding, thinish tone. The cleans are great and just what I was looking for with this guitar, so I'll probably run a distortion pedal into the clean channel, and need suggestions. I'm looking for a thick rock tone, along the lines of Foo Fighters sound, and price range is no more than $120, willing to go used. Thanks for any and all help!
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check out my thread that i just made. AMT pedals are the way to go bro.
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