First, Hi all =)

I have a doubt about which of these bass to buy, and and would like to hear opinions and comments...

1º bass: Fender 51's

2ºbass: Ibanez Artcore

Sorry if I am infringing on any rule, and thanks to everyone who help me in choosing...
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looking at those two basses, I would probably go for the hollow body. but im not 100% on the tone your going for. I assume its some old school thumpy stuff.yeah?

anyway, give us some bands or songs that have the tones your looking to get, it will help us hep you.
no sir away a papaya war is on
thank you for the asnwer the_perdestrian =)

On the tone, this is my real question, because I play several music styles, and would like a bass that was 'complete' ...