I might be getting a new pedal soon, and Im looking for common pedals that players use, also are there any guitar pedals that work just as good on bass?
Flangers and compressors work fine on both. There are a few bass chorus pedals, but guitar chorus pedals seem to work just as well.
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Not sure how 'common' they are amoung bassists but a Wah-Wah would be a cool idea.
echos and reverbs work perfectly fine too.

the most common bass set up is no pedals. but distortion and synth pedals do pop up quite a bit. I wouldn't buy a pedal simply for the sake of buying a pedal.
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Ok, stay away from Zoom, there bull. Im selling mine at this very moment. Sansamp BDDI pedals are everywhere and sound epic
I'm not a bassist, but I know a bassist who uses a 7 band EQ as well as a normal EQ pedal (like what's built into your amp, only in pedal form except much higher quality). I'm not sure about the redundancy aspect of using 2 EQ pedals, but his sound is nice and fat and juicy. So EQ = yup!
I find that the most common pedal that bass players use is a solid quality tuner pedal.

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What my friends and I normally use are Flangers and Fuzzes. But I do know a few bassists from my school who use wahs.
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fuzz for sure. in one form or another, fuzz. be it from a pedal, wiring your pickups differently or having an amp that does it. great universal effect.
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Hartke Bass Attack. It's only about $80.
Not many use it. I guess because it's
just too low cost, but I like it better
than the SansAmp, and I've had two

chorus/flanger and some quality overdrive.
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Pretty much all guitar pedals work fine for bass. There are no essential bass effects...maybe compression is the most common but I really hate compressors. If you want to get into effects probably the first thing you'll want is distortion of some kind.
compressors are awesome, dont listen to smb :P

its an effect that you don't really notice that much when its on, but when its off you can tell it makes such a difference. if you get the compression levels right, it'll tighten up your playing a lot - not that effects should make up for technique but it makes you sound a lot more consistent, something very handy when playing live.

you do lose dynamic range tho (how loud or soft you sound) so if you play a lot of loud then soft parts, you might want to look into a compressor pedal that has a footswitch so you can turn it off when you wanna play soft/hard and put it on for passages that are "normal" volume.

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I'm just gonna go ahead and say that everyone needs a Bass Big Muff Pi.
It's absolutely amazing for it's price.
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I'm just gonna go ahead and say that everyone needs a Bass Big Muff Pi.
It's absolutely amazing for it's price.

YES, Bass Big Muff Pi makes my bass sound like a freaking lion. Definitely worth it for the price.

Other than that, a wah or chorus would be good, or maybe a synth pedal.
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lol as soon as i read must have bass pedals i was like "oh crap everyones just going to spam bass big muff" .... i kinda feel let down that it was only mentioned after 15 posts
Envelope filter
Weird synth pedals
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Wah pedal.

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Every bassist should have chorus, overdrive and an envelope filter.

Someone above me said Zoom are bull. I had a Zoom B2 and the built-in digital effects sounded better than anything Boss has ever come up wit, surprising since a lot of the effects are modeled on Boss pedals.