Hi everyone,

I've recently decided that I need to buy a new guitar after spending a lot of time on my 10+ year old Squier Affinity strat.
A lot of conversations ended whenever I said I still have a squier :sadface:

I've already decided what guitar I want to buy, but I'm wondering now whether to it's better to get the display model that I played, or the "in the back" model.

The pros of getting the display model that I thought of would be:
- I know the feel and the sound of it.
- No surprises.
- perhaps a discount because it's a display model
- should be adjusted (tuning and whatnot)

The cons:
- Lots of other people have played the model before me, thus it's been "used"
- It might've been dropped.
- Could be scratches, indentations, imperfections (I might find them after I bring the guitar home)
- I don't know how long the display model has been on display for.
- perhaps other issues like neck warping (maybe?)

The pros of getting a "in the back" product:
- It's brand new
- No one has touched it
- No scratches (assuming)
- No neck warping
- It comes in a box (I dunno, I like opening boxes...)

- Never played it myself.
- Surprises (neck warping, hardware problems, scratches...)
- Tuning and intonation I will have to do.

What do you guys usually take?
Unfortunately, the first time I've ever been to a music store to buy a guitar was last week, and I just stood in front of the "Gibson wall" just staring...
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If you want to pay full price, have them bring one out from the back, play it a while, if you like it, buy it, otherwise, try another. If the display is good enough, or even the best feeling one they have, haggle them, see if you can get a few bucks off.
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Buy the guitar you try, the one that you love.

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Do you guys find that the display model is drastically different from the stock model?

I don't know where you're from OP, but usually when you buy something brand spanking new in the UK and it turns out to be faulty, you're perfectly entitled to take it back for a refund or for an exchange...

If that's the case, that gets rid of your 'surprises' as a con...
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So you meet a hot girl, spend a little time with her, decide you really like her and you're considering asking her sister to the prom?

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Idk where you are located, but check around local guitar stores. The guitar centers nearest me charge the exact same for floor and stock models. Though if you complain loudly enough, you will get a discount :P: But each time is a battle and the same people will act like they never met you and the whining battle repeats itself.
I'd get a guitar from the back, because I also have a passion for opening boxes.
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Im always for getting the one out of the box. its not gonna be al mucked up by everyone else, and if its made by a reputable maker, they should be very similar if not, almost identical. the only way i wouldnt is if the wait time on a new one is insane or ive fallen in love with one, and others dont play the same way.
Why not ask if you can try one of the new models to see if you like it more? If you don't, you're still buying a guitar from them. If you do, you're buying one you can't haggle the price on. I think they'd be willing to open a box or two for you to try them out before buying without using a floor model.

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Most stores don't let people really beat on the guitars. Here in NYC guitar stores don't even leave anything worth more than $500 where it can be picked up and played without help. I could understand not buying a guitar with a Floyd off the floor, but other than that it seems unlikely anything would be wrong with a guitar that wouldn't be obvious.
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So you meet a hot girl, spend a little time with her, decide you really like her and you're considering asking her sister to the prom?

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This maybe the rest of my life we're talking about.

Well, being in Canada, the major stores are Long & McQuade and Tom Lee Music.

I will ask to try both products as that's what the consensus seems like.

I am quite excited

Thanks guys. Feels weird being a newb at buying something, even though I buy electronics like all the time.
Long and McQuede is generally awesome, the one in mississauga is really good, they let me play pretty much anything in the store cuz they know me. and they leave pretty high end guitars within reach which is interesting. i can go in there, easily grab a gibson les paul standard, or a prs SC and play it for an hour and theyd be ok with it. building reputations/relationships with stores is a pretty big deal too
It depends on the guitar. For Gibsons, PRS, that kind of thing which are hand finished and vary a lot or for any brand where quality control can be an issue like Epiphone or LTD, always buy the actual one you tried out. If it does have any wear from being out in the store then you should be able to get a small discount on it to boo, make sure to point out any deeper scratches or fret wear you can spot.

If it's a really consistent brand like the American made Fenders or the top Ibanez and ESP models then I'd say go for a brand new one from out the back or buy online.
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I'd get a guitar from the back, because I also have a passion for opening boxes.

same here lol....i wonder whats inside. yep just I thought had to check it was still awesome in there. ha


definitely the one you played. I have played MIM strats as good as some MIAs build quality wise. not saying same hardware, same wood, same tone, but feel overall unplugged. dont flame bc it happens. reading around ive heard of similar experiences. not typical but it happens. with any mass produced product there will be variance between even as little as say 1 of 100 or even 1000 or more. What if you got that one. anyways normally someone came in played it a little sitting down, not raging, strum or two and put it back. even if that happened many many times it will have no effect on the overall quality of the guitar.