UK FS/FT- Marshall JTM45 Re-issue w/ SoZo Caps Kit + Cornell Plexi 2x12 Cab with G12M

I love this amp and cabinet, a lot. The only reason I'm selling it is my band doesn't gig anywhere near as often as we used to due to us parting ways after finishing University etc etc, so I'm going to move it on and buy something smaller for myself for the sake of ease!

Marshall JTM45/2245
So, first up is the Marshall JTM45. It's a stock re-issue, but I'll chuck in a set of SoZo Hand-Made Mustard Capacitors (worth about £50 on they're own) which come in a kit for direct replacements for the stock capacitors (never got round to fitting them). It's in amazing condition, had valves fitted within the last year, comes with original box and paperwork, all that jazz. I'm asking a pretty firm £620 for this. I know they can be seen on Google Product search for around £650-£680, but those shops never seem to have them in-stock when I enquire why they are so much lower than other shops... fishy... Anyway, I will take and upload some better pictures at some point tomorrow, these are placeholder phone pics! Oh and postage should be about £25ish for the head, will get an exact quote soon and yes, I'll throw in the patch lead

Cornell Plexi 2x12 Cabinet with Celestion Greenbacks
Second up is my Cornell Plexi cab. This is one of the rarer ones that came with Celestion Greenbacks as opposed to Vintage 30's. The tone of the Greenbacks is perfectly suited for Marshall-esque heads. These Cornell cabs are really the best cabinets I've ever EVER used, great construction and the sound is just immense. Again, this is in great condition, unfortunately no box but will be packed safely if you want me to post it. I've been able to find little information on how these are priced thesedays, Digital Village has the Vintage 30 loaded 2x12 priced at £690, I guess I'd let this one go for £500 + Postage, should be about £35ish!
And again, placeholder pic -

Want both together? Yours for £1000 + Postage.

Looking for a Deluxe Reverb or an equivalent... maybe a tweed of somekind?

PM's welcome.

Plexi Cab - £400 DELIVERED IN THE UK!