The first summer i met her
tanned with big green eyes
clinging to her a sundress
her kiss took me by surprise
i'd have done anything for her

Enjoyed each-others company
soaking up the sun
drinkin' whiskey in the fields
lookin at the two dippers and orion
we were fallin' in love

Then i left town for a while
told her write me when you can
why that letter never came
i couldn't understand
i wish i knew then what i know now

But shit wasn't what it seemed
didn't play out as i dreamed

And while i was pickin flowers
writing letters
making calls
she hardly ever answered
if she did at all
it broke my heart no matter how hard i tried
she wouldn't be mine

So she went off to school
I tried to stay close
She'd tell me she loved me
i knew it was a hoax
but i just couldn't let her slip away

She went to the big city to see a friend
but i knew he was there
this was coming to an end

So i got to her
she put on those puppy eyes
denied everything
to my surprise
until i told her i knew

She said i'm sorry
you were being used
I had to get him back
i never been so confused

But still i'd let her
back into my life
i'm addicted to you baby
i don't know why.
Thanks i actually really like that as the chorus, i kinda end up writing in just free verse appreciate the criticism i'll get on some of your works soon!