Hey guys, my band is called An Outside Chance and we're from Tucson, Arizona. We play a mix of a few genres but I would say we are mainly alternative rock with maybe some pop punk influences too. Kinda like Green Day meets Muse with some Fall Out Boy and Avenged Sevenfold on the side.

Here's our MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/anoutsidechance

I just made it so there isn't a whole lot but our first EP is up there so you should check it out and tell me what you think!

Thanks in Advance!
You have a really good sound. At first I couldn't hear the Avenged Sevenfold influence but then I listened to Wait and See and the guitar solo.

I would so buy this music (well when I have some spare cash).
Thanks a ton man! That really means a lot, and yeah haha we were for sure going for an Avenged Sevenfold vibe for Wait and See. As far as buying the music we are actually on iTunes as of yesterday! hahah