im pretty new at guitars (been playing for about 5 months) and ive been wanting an electric for a while now. i borrowed my cousins Ibanez RG120 and its pretty sweet but i want more than just a heavy distortion sound. i enjoy playing the distortion, but i want a wider range. so ive been trying to find an inexpensive (less then $100) guitar that would be a good/okay guitar for a beginner like myself. i listen mostly to alternative rock and stuff from the 70/80's.

i saw these guitars on amazon.com and was wondering if anyone knew anything about them. if not any suggestions would be awesome.


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they're just gonna be your average dirt cheap pretty naff guitar. it's not gonna be anything special, but for a beginner, it's probably fine.
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nothing special

it'll be fine for a beginner, just for $100, you're not gonna get anything that's good if i'm honest.
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yeah im not expecting fender like quality so long as it sounds pretty good ill be happy thanks for the info

Save your $100.

You don't NEED a new guitar to learn and get better, and for $100 you'll just end up with something that in a years time you wont want to play anymore. You're basically just gonna end up buying a stepping stone to something better, why not hold onto your $100, let it build up to a higher figure, keep playing and learning with what you have, and then buy something of real quality - which you wont just throw away or sell on in the future

Learn from my mistakes. I've got an Epiphone SG Special and an Aria XL Series I wanna shift, because they're just trashy learner guitars I payed up for back in the day and haven't touched in 5 years.
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^That. $100 will barely get you decent quality, save up some money, and remember: second hand is your friend.
I've fiddled with sub-$100 guitars. Those ones you see at costco and whatnot. The brands that don't actually make guitars normally (like the 2 you posted). Not only do they play like utter shite, but they barely play at all. Seriously, even in tune most of the notes on the fretboard are almost a half step out
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I will garantee that those guitars will make learning difficultlook at Xavierre guitars, you can get a diecent sounding and playing guitar for @$140 they are having a blem sale right now also. This or Rhondo music will be your best bet.
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that does look exactly like what im looking for. any idea on the price?
A squier bullet for $20 is a steal. Let's be honest......it's a cheap guitar and you're not going to get anything similar to the RG. Try saving a bit and then buy a decent guitar. If you're reluctant to do so, the squier is a very good deal.......

I'd buy it for $20, the wood's probably worth $10.
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Save up some more money and go used. If you look you can get a lot of good deals. I got a Schecter that was 400 new for about 170 used. When I was new I sold my pos fake strat for more then I got it for and got a decent guitar for about 100 out of pocket. You just have to look, try Craigslist, Ebay, Pawn shops and if there is a used music store around you.
ok thanks for all the info guys this has been a huge help. ill let you know what i get and when
i got a Blue Squire Affinity Strat with a fender Frontman 15G Amp. not the best ever but not a bad setup if i do say so myself...
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Personally, I don't think the guitar is nessecarily the problem. An RG (or GRG) will do cleans with a decent amp. Any guitar under 130 dollars will certainly be a step down from where you are now.
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I would also suggest looking at rondomusic.com. While I have never played an agile, a friend of mine has a 7 strings agile and loves it. Just make sure you go for something with a normal scale neck and 6 strings if you are learning. and.. of course.. Stay away from Floyds. (besides the floyds that come standard on agile's suck).
If your concern is a wider range of sounds then the guitar isn't really the issue, you need to make sure you get a decent amp.
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