I'm currently working on "Under a Glass Moon" by Dream Theater...The section in the solo where Petrucci does a wide sweep is a mother....Any tips on how to execute it fluidly? I feel my hands can't stretch that far haha
Either start it higher up on the neck and move it down or start with a more 'condensed' version of the sweep and slowly stretch it out one finger at a time.

Aside from that it's just making sure your technique is good and time.
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Do you mean the bit before the tapped section, where you have to go up a string, down 2 frets each time?

If so, I simply moved them around so I could play them. Sure its no longer a sweep, but it's such a fast little rake no one is going to scrutinise.
Yes, the last little bit before the tapped section....The tapped section is a gonna be fun haha