strolled into my local shop and lo and behold what do I see? an Ibanez RGA8...was very surprised because they normally only stock pretty traditional guitars.
Ive read and heard very mixed reviews on 8 strings, so I had to see for myself, being a dedicated 7 string player, 8 strings wasnt such an adjustment for me...the low end was monstrous and the extended scale made the low F# sound big and snappy

And all the octaves were right up my damned alley...so in other words, its on lay-away now

just thougt Id share

right. CSB
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Hi, I am looking for an amp setting close to the sound of bands like Black Veil Brides.

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Set everything to 12 o'clock.

Go from there.


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I have the RGA7 and it's a fantastic guitar, so if the RGA8 is anything like it I'd say go for it.